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Transparent Yet Still There

With the introduction of the iconic Ghost Chair, by Philippe Starck came the renaissance of transparent furniture. Popping up in a variety of interiors, the Ghost Chair was the inspiration for new creations brought to life by such innovative materials as Plexiglas, Lucite, and plastic. The stylish pieces blend effortlessly in a variety of styles and setting. Modern yet classic, these transparent works of art provide that touch of "chic" with every application.

img tyst-pulpdesign

Photo Credit: Designers Beth Dotolo & Carolina Gentry of Pulp Designs Studios

Above, Starck's plastic chair features a traditional French pattern turned modern with the use of high tech applications. Adding just one piece of transparent furniture to a room will spice if up, regardless of the room's style. Such a piece can fit in with a Louis XV-style couch just as easily as it can be placed near a Mies Van Der Rohe chair. Transparent furniture also works well in all white interiors, providing lightness and minimalizing visual density in the space.

img tyst-jonathanadler

Photo Credit: Designer Jonathan Adler and Joshua McHugh (photograper)

The clear bed frame used in this bedroom by interior designer Jonathan Adler highlights the joints of the bed and invites the eye to wander, adding a new dimension to the minimalist room. The golden joints appear as jewelry on a simple silhouette and draw the eye up to what would be a void of white space.

img tyst-mann_nauert

Photo Credit: Designer Kara Mann and Photographer Bethany Nauert

Both the vanity chair and bench above feature Lucite legs in their design, giving the room a clean, minimalistic look. A modern flair is introduced through the seemingly airless feel given off by the clear pieces.

img tyst_domicile_passal

Photo Credit: Designers Amanda Malson & Jolene Ballard of Domicile ID and Designer Robert Passal

In these eclectic homes, the see-through side tables ease the visual rush created by the variety of accent pieces in each room. Both tables find their roots in the timeless waterfall design of the 1940s. The contrast between the busy patterns, bright colors and the transparent furniture creates well-stated balance in both of these rooms.

img tyst-mag_rue

Photo Credit: Rue Magazine

Dining room chairs in the room above feature a 70's style design modernized by the clear, Lucite material of which they are made. Transparency in furniture is a highly innovative and contemporary concept. It is furniture that refuses to conform to traditional notions of design and instantly enhances a room’s décor.


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September 9, 2011

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  • awesome article! i love the ghost chair and have two in my house. love all your content. thanks for sharing!

    Annonymous, September 15, 2011
  • As I find my aesthetic evolving (from very traditional to cleaner-edged modern with a mix of traditional), I adore these transparent pieces. Now my brain is churning...thanks!

    Annonymous, September 19, 2011

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