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Stark: A Mecca of Inspiration

As interior designers, we know a few things to be true. One thing we can say unequivocally is that "Stark Carpet is a Mecca of inspiration to designers demanding the highest quality, coloration and authenticity", as stated by John Stark.

While the quality, craftsmanship and reputation of STARK are well known facts, there is more to the story. For over 60 years, Stark Carpet has provided custom service for the interior design professional. Founded by the late Arthur and Nadia Stark and now headed by their sons John and Steven Stark and recently their granddaughter, Ashley Stark has joined the team as Creative Director.

HISTORY OF ITS FOUNDERS Arthur Stark began his professional career as a stockbroker who traveled extensively and often returned home from his trips abroad with gorgeous carpets. His collecting spurred a passion for carpets. Arthur's wife, Nadia, a former fashion model in the 1930s expressed her creative vision early on as a designer of women's hats. She carried her passion for design forward into the company that she and her husband founded in the 1950s. Nadia designed several rugs for the company, including the popular and iconic Leopard Rose carpet.

img stk-leopard

img stk-bedroom2

Photo Credit: STARK
Photo Credit: Stuff Boston and Marni Elyse Katz

PRESENT TENSE Today, the company specializes in custom designed carpet, fabric, furniture and wallcovering for both the residential and contract markets. Styles range from traditional to contemporary, including a documented library of antique and oriental designs. Stark Carpet offers an entirely new concept in home furnishings to the discriminating designer and continues to explore the world markets for new and innovative ideas, qualities, designs and effects. Ashley Stark keeps things fresh with her youthful and procured experiences of a life surrounded by sophisticated design.

img stk-bench

Carlton Bench Photo Credit: STARK

img stk-bedroom

New Oriental Tibetan
Architect Credit: Robert G. Clarke
Photo Credit: Beth Singer Photography

img stk-rug

New Oriental Twill Weave Rug
Photo Credit: STARK

With addition of Ashley Stark and commissioning such reputable designers as Nina Campbell, Alexa Hampton, David Hicks and Sherrill Canet, STARK is showing that they are a company of their word and forging a path for innovation in luxury interior design. We are proud to be aligned with a company of such design integrity and family heritage.


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February 23, 2012

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